Hong Kong Students

The HKSAF Scholarship was set up in 1997 to assist qualified top students from Hong Kong who are in financial need to attend undergraduate programs in US universities. This scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 4 years.

To qualify, an applicant must:
1. Be a permanent resident of Hong Kong,
2. Has received at least 3 years of continuous education, and is currently enrolled as a full-time student, in a secondary school in Hong Kong,
3. Has obtained at least 6 subjects at Grade A* or A (in one sitting) in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), or a score of 1300 or above in SAT I, or a score of 28 or above in ACT, or a score of 40 in IB diploma,
4. Be admitted as as an undergraduate for the first time to a 4-year college in the US, and
5 .Prove financial need.

Initial screening of applications is conducted by the Selection Committee in Los Angeles consisting of 4 board members and a non-board college professor to select the semi-finalists.

Each semi-finalist is invited to attend an interview in Hong Kong for 45 to 60 minutes in both English and Chinese.The 5 members consisting of 1 pre-collegiate school principal, a manager of the Examination and Assessment Authority, an officer of the Education Bureau, a university administrator and an editor of a newspaper assigns numeric scores for each applicant on 20 categories ranging from overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, social commitment and communication skills, and add written comments to the quantitative ranking.

The selection process is concluded by home visit to the finalists to verify their financial need. Based on the evaluation of the Hong Kong Selection Committee, the report of the home visits, and their own review of the application files, the Selection Committee in Los Angeles makes the final selection on the candidates and the amounts of the awards.

HKSAF Scholarship Application Form may be downloaded from this website.

Students attending high schools in California, who will soon attend college and are in financial need, should consider the Domestic Scholarship program.