Learn More About HKSAFSF Scholarships

Merit-based and talent-based full tuition scholarships available to students currently enrolled in a school/college in Hong Kong subject to financial need. This scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 4 years.

To qualify, an applicant must:

  1. Be a permanent resident of Hong Kong, and NOT a US citizen,
  2. Have received at least 3 years of continuous education, and is currently enrolled  as a full-time student, in a school/college in Hong Kong,
  3. For academic scholarship – attain at least 6 subjects at A* or A (in one sitting) in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), or 3 subjects at A* or A in International GCE A Level, or a score of 1300 or above in SAT I, or a score of 28 or above in ACT, or a score or predicted score of 40 in IB diploma,
  4. For talent-based scholarship – in addition to appropriate academic  attainment, special consideration will be given to exceptional qualifications, creative achievements and excellence of any special talents that align with the applicant’s program of study,
  5. Be admitted to the undergraduate program of a four-year college or university in the US for the first time,
  6. Prove financial need.

Initial screening of applications is conducted by the Selection Committee in Los Angeles.  Semi-finalists are invited to attend an interview in Hong Kong for 45 to 60 minutes in both English and Chinese. Numeric scores will be assigned to each semi-finalist on categories ranging from overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, social commitment and communication skills, and written comments will be added to the quantitative ranking. The selection process is concluded by home visit to the finalists to verify their financial need.

Based on the evaluation of the Hong Kong Selection Committee, the report of the home visits, the Selection Committee in Los Angeles makes the final selection on the candidates and the amount of the awards.

Application Form & Notes to Applicants:

Download (Word Document)

Download (PDF Document)

The Domestic Scholarship was set up in 2003 to benefit high school students in California. This is a merit and need based scholarship.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  1. Be a citizen or permanent resident of the US,
    2. Demonstrate financial need,
    3. Be a graduating California high school senior,
    4. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5,
    5. Have successfully gained admission to an accredited 4-year college or university in the US and the applicant will be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study no later than fall of the year of application.

Selection is based on overall academic performance, financial need, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors, and personal statement.

In 2006, the Mrs. Sui-Ha Wong Yew Memorial Fund became a major sponsor of this program, followed in 2013 by the Lam On Memorial Fund. The considerable growth of our Domestic Scholarship fund benefits more young aspiring students in California, and expansion of the program to encourage our Domestic Scholars to explore, learn and experience a different culture and living in Hong Kong through studying or interning in Hong Kong.


Application Form & Notes to Applicants:

Download Application Form (Word Document) (PDF Document)

Download Notes (Word Document) (PDF Document)

Our Scholars

HKSAF Scholars

YearNameHong Kong SchoolUS CollegeMajor/Program
2024Chan, Yu ChunDiocesan Boys’ SchoolBerklee College of MusicMusic Business
2024Leung, Kwan Long QuintonShatin College/Li Po Chun United World
University of Southern CaliforniaEnvironmental Science & Health
2023Tam, Yi LamWah Yan College, KowloonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPhysics
2022Lam, Man Chun OscarYing Wa College/
Li Po Chun United
World College
University of Southern CaliforniaPhilosophy, Politics & Economics
2022Li, Yui Ching EnochDiocesan Boys' SchoolHarvard UniversityUndecided
2021Cheng, Hei Wang MichaelSt. Paul's Co-ed. CollegePrinceton UniversityChemical & Biological Engineering
2021Ng, Yan Wa NicoleDiocesan Girls' SchoolBerklee College of Music (Boston)Music Production & Engineering
2019Mak, King Him JerryYing Wa CollegeUniversity of Rochester, Eastman School of MusicApplied Music Performance (Trumpet)
2019Yeung, NgaiInternational Christian SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaJournalism, Political Economy
2018Chan, Chin Wang KarenSt. Paul’s Co-ed. CollegeHarvard UniversityIntegrative Biology
2017Ng, Shin Ying NicoleInternational Christian SchoolUniversity of Southern California (BSc)Computer Science
2016Chui, Wai Yin RyanDiocesan Boys' SchoolUniversity of Rochester (BSc)
University of Rochester (BA)
Digital Media Studies & Business
2015Tsang, KarinaHeep Yunn School/Li Po Chun United World CollegeUniversity of Southern California (BA)International Relations Global Business
2014Pike, James Warren Diocesan Boys’ SchoolUniversity of Rochester (BA)Economics
2014*Pun, Tsam Kiu EwinaSt. Mary's Canossian CollegeUniversity of Southern California (BSc)
University of Southern California (MSc)
Brown University (PhD student)
Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
2013Yip, So Han FlorenceDiocesan Girls’ SchoolUniversity of Rochester(BSc)
University of Rochester (BA)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
2011Kwok, Chit Pan IvanQueen’s CollegeBrigham Young University (BSc)
University of Chicago (PhD student)
Economics & Mathematics, Economics
2011Lee, Pak Tao MichaelQueen’s CollegeStanford University (BA)
Stanford University (BSc)
Mathematical & Computational Science
2011Tam, Ka Yu GaryQueen’s CollegeMassachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc) Stanford University (graduate student)Mathematics
2010Cheng, Yat Fung JamesSt. Paul’s Co-ed. CollegeYale University (BSc)Economics & Computer Science
2010Chung, Ping Ngai BrianLa Salle CollegeMassachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc)
Cambridge University (MSc)
University of Chicago (graduate student)
2009Leung, Yin Chung ChrisDiocesan Boys' School/Li Po Chun United World CollegePrinceton University (BSc)Evolutionary Biology & Ecology
2009Ngan, Nim Ying AlbertaBelilios Public SchoolMassachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc)Economics, Physics
2008*Tse, Yan Wah IvyDiocesan Girls’ SchoolUniversity of Pennsylvania (BSc)Finance
2007Lam, Tin Lok KingsleyQueen’s CollegeUniversity of Chicago (BA)
University of Chicago (MBA)
2007Ng, Yin Yee KarenSacred Heart Canossian CollegeUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (BSc)
University of California Davis (PhD)
Physics (Observational Cosmology)
2006*Chau, Yuen Kit JackyQueen’s CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania (BA & BSc)
University of Pennsylvania (MA)
University of Pennsylvania (PhD)
2006*Li, Lap Bong EricDiocesan Boys’ SchoolUniversity of California Berkeley (BSc)Physics
2005Cheung, Po Ting JudySTFA Leung Kau Kui CollegeMassachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc)Economics
2005Ho, Kam Fai DerekQueen’s CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania (BA)
University of Pennsylvania (BSc)
Finance, Accounting & Statistics
2004Kwong, StephanieSt. Paul’s Convent SchoolHarvard University (BA)
Harvard University (MBA)
2004Situ, Chi Wai WilliamQueen’s CollegeUniversity of Chicago (BA)Economics
2003Leung, Yuk Yiu AmySt. Paul’s Co-ed. College /Li Po Chun United World CollegeColumbia University (BSc)Industrial Engineering/Operations Research
2003Leung, Sze Ning CelineTsuen Wan Government Secondary SchoolPrinceton University (BA)
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Juris Doctor in Law)
2002Chu, CaeciliaSt. Mary’s Canossian CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania (BSc)
Harvard University (MBA)
2002Mak, Siu Ting DicksonLa Salle CollegeUniversity of California Berkeley (BSc)
University of California Berkeley (MSc)
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Structural Engineering
2001Leung, HeidiDiocesan Girls’ SchoolUniversity of California Berkeley (BSc)Bio-engineering
2001Wong, Ho Lun AlexQueen’s CollegeUniversity of California Los Angeles (BA)
Stanford University (MA & PhD)
Economics & Mathematics
2000Fung, Wan Yi WinnieDiocesan Girls’ SchoolHarvard University (BSc)
Harvard University (PhD)
Applied Mathematics/Economics
Business Economics
2000Kong, Pui Ying AngelMaryknoll Convent SchoolCalifornia Institute of Technology (BSc)
Stanford University (MSc)
Electrical Engineering
Management Science & Engineering
2000Wong, Wing Cheong AnthonyChristian Alliance S.C. Chan CollegeUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
University of California Los Angeles (MSc)
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science
1999Chan, Lap Fung BernardTsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial CollegeStanford University (BSc)
Stanford University (MSc)
Management Science
Electrical Engineering
1999Shum, Wan Hang StephenWah Yan College, KowloonUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
University of California Los Angeles (BSc)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD)
Electrical Engineering
Operations Research
1999Soong, Thing RindaSt. Paul’s Co-ed. CollegeUniversity of California Berkeley (BSc)
Johns Hopkins University (MD)
Molecular Environmental Biology & Nutritional Science
1998Lui, Kai Chung AnthonyWah Yan College, KowloonUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
Stanford University (MSc)
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science
1998Man, Pui Shan RosannaSt. Mary’s Canossian College, King’s CollegeUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
Stanford University (MSc)
Carnegie Mellon University (MBA)
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science
1998Tsang, Man Kei KevinSt. Paul’s Co-ed. CollegeUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
California Institute of Technology (PhD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology & University of New Mexico (Post Doctoral Fellow)
Electrical Engineering/Physics
Electrical Engineering
1997Chan, Wai YipQueen’s CollegeUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
Stanford University (MSc)
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
1997Ng, Ngan Ting ShirleyPui Ching Middle SchoolUniversity of California Los Angeles (BA)Business Economics
1997Tang, Hei Wai HenryWah Yan College, KowloonUniversity of California Los Angeles (BSc)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD)


Lila Chan Memorial Foundation Scholar – Chau, Yuen Kit Jacky

DBS George She Scholar – Li, Lap Bong Eric

Lam Chik Suen Memorial Foundation Scholar – Tse, Yan Wah Ivy

Susanna Lam Scholar – Pun, Tsam Kiu Ewina

Domestic Scholars

YearNameHigh SchoolCollegeMajor
2023-2024Fan, Youwei (Ben)Alhambra High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBusiness Administration
2023-2024Koo, EleanorLynbrook High SchoolPurdue UniversityIndustrial Engineering
2023-2024**Nguyen, KellyGretchen Whitney High SchoolBrown UniversityComputational Biology & Public Health
2023-2024Quach, BrandonRowland High SchoolYale UniversityEnvironmental Studies
2023-2024Tung, ConnorTroy High SchoolUCLAApplied Physics
2022-2023Chen, RaymondJohn A. Rowland High SchoolUCLAPre-Business Economics
2022-2023Huang, Karen Jia XinDowntown Magnet High SchoolUC IrvineHumanities
2022-2023Lam, Danny LiuAlhambra High SchoolUC BerkeleyMechanical Engineering
2022-2023Lau, VivianEl Monte High SchoolUCLAMolecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
2022-2023Sooc, LynnaRosemead High SchoolUCLABusiness Economics
2022-2023Tang, CherylDougherty Valley High SchoolNorthwestern UniversityViolin Performance &
Biological Science, dual degree
2022-2023**Yan, IreneSierra Vista High SchoolStanford UniversityManagement Science & Engineering
2022-2023Zhang, Harrison YuTemple City High SchoolHarvard UniversityComputer Science/Applied Maths
2021-2022Lam, EthanFountain Valley High SchoolUC BerkeleyIndustrial Engineering/Operations Research
2021-2022Ng, CharlyMark Keppel High School UCLA Physiological Science
2021-2022**Nguyen, KennethGretchen Whitney High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHuman Biology
2021-2022Situ, KatharineFrancisco Bravo Medical Magnet High SchoolUC San DiegoBiochemistry
2021-2022Tieu, MeganSan Gabriel High SchoolUCLA Economics
2021-2022Vuong, TinaSan Gabriel High SchoolUC Berkeley Business
2021-2022Yu, Sang YulSouth Pasadena High SchoolUCLABiology or Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
2021-2022Zhou, ErinDiamond Bar High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaEconomics
2020-2021Chang, MiloJohn A. Rowland High SchoolWilliams CollegePolitical Economy & Computer Science
2020-2021Choi, MichaelMark Keppel High SchoolUC IrvineMathematics
2020-2021Gonzalez, Jason LouSan Gabriel High SchoolYale UniversityComputer Science
2020-2021*Lee, CaseyGabrielino High SchoolUCLAEconomics
2020-2021**Lu, ZhuojingSan Marino High SchoolStanford UniversityPolitical Science and Economics
2020-2021Vong, CindyMark Keppel High SchoolNorthwestern UniversityApplied Mathematics
2019-2020Chen, CindyArcadia High SchoolNorthwestern UniversityEnglish: Creative Writing
2019-2020Hoang, VanessaSan Gabriel High SchoolUniversity of Washington, SeattlePre-Health Sciences (Biology)
2019-2020Liu, BenjaminArcadia High SchoolHarvard UniversityComputer Science & Mechanical Engineering
2019-2020Ng, ChelseaMark Keppel High SchoolUC BerkeleyEconomics, International Business
2019-2020*Ta, SerenaSan Gabriel High SchoolUCLABiochemistry
2019-2020Zhao, CandiNorthwood High SchoolRice UniversityBiological Sciences
2018-2019Huang, CatherineSan Gabriel High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaNursing
2018-2019*Lee, BiancaGabrielino High SchoolUC BerkeleyBusiness Administration
2018-2019Li, QiWenAlhambra High SchoolUC BerkeleyChemical Biology
2018-2019Milon, Sheila NasrinJohn Marshall High SchoolDartmouth CollegeLaw, History & Culture
2018-2019Yee, TinaRosemead High SchoolUCLACivil Engineering
2017-2018Duong, TracyAlhambra High SchoolCal State Long BeachNursing
2017-2018Kim, Sarah YeonsooMark Keppel High SchoolUCLABiochemistry
2017-2018Koo, DavidWalnut High SchoolNew York UniversityBusiness, concentration in finance & actuarial science
2017-2018Ku, HarrisonUniversity High SchoolUC San DiegoComputer Science & Engineering
2017-2018*Tam, KellySan Gabriel High SchoolUC BerkeleyBusiness Administration & Economics
2016-2017Cambe, Jessa GabrielleNogales High SchoolUCLAPolitical Science & Business
2016-2017*Hong, LisaMark Keppel High SchoolUC IrvineBusiness Administration
2016-2017Liu, JiamingSan Gabriel High SchoolUC IrvineBusiness Administration
2016-2017Liu, Vick CheungFlintridge Preparatory SchoolMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science
2016-2017Luu, JennySan Gorgonio High SchoolUCLAPhysical Therapy
2015-2016*Chan, Julian Chi KinMark Keppel High SchoolUC BerkeleyElectrical Engineering & Computer Science
2015-2016Chen, Cindy Yi HsinTemple City High SchoolCornell UniversityMaterials Science & Engineering
2015-2016Lok, Michelle Hiu WaSan Gabriel High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaBusiness
2015-2016Mak, Jonathan Jia-AnWhitney High SchoolStanford UniversityPsychology
2015-2016Tse, ChaneyMark Keppel High SchoolJohns Hopkins UniversityMolecular and Cellular Biology
2014-2015*Li, CharlesTemple City High SchoolUC BerkeleyMolecular and Cellular Biology
2014-2015Chan, CorrieMark Keppel High SchoolYale UniversityEconomics
2014-2015Cheung, ElaineMark Keppel High SchoolUCLANeuroscience
2014-2015Vong, CeciliaAlhambra High SchoolUCLACivil Engineering
2014-2015Wong, JosephineGabrielino High SchoolHarvey Mudd CollegeEngineering
2014-2015Young, GinaJohn A. Rowland High SchoolUCLANeuroscience
2013-2014*Li, EllenAlhambra High SchoolUC BerkeleyEconomics
2013-2014Huang, AnnaDowntown Magnets High SchoolUCLAPre-Business Economics
2013-2014Huang, YintingTemple City High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaEconomics
2013-2014Ka, VivianTemple City High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaEconomics
2013-2014Li, Lisa SiyaoMark Keppel High SchoolPrinceton UniversityMolecular Biology
2013-2014Mok, KennyMark Keppel High SchoolArt Center College of DesignIllustration
2013-2014Ngo, ShellyBenjamiin Franklin High SchoolHarvard UniversityEnvironmental Studies
2013-2014Wang, Samantha YingfeiRancho Cucamonga High SchoolWashington University in St. LouisBiology
2013-2014Wong, Tony Kwun KitTemple City High SchoolUC San DiegoElectrical Engineering
2012-2013Chan, MabelChatsworth High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLifespan health
2012-2013Duong, AmyMark Keppel High SchoolUCLABiochemistry
2012-2013Lau, VickiChatsworth High SchoolStanford UniversityBiology & Biomedical Sciences
2012-2013Vong, AnthonyAlhambra High SchoolUCLAMechanical Engineering
2012-2013Wang, David LuongPalos Verdes Peninsula High SchoolHarvard UniversityHuman Developmental & Regenerative Biology
2012-2013Wong, CalvinAlhambra High SchoolUCLABiology
2011-2012Ho, LanaSouth Pasadena High SchoolStanford UniversityBiology
2011-2012Hui, KevinMark Keppel High SchoolUC BerkeleyEngineering
2011-2012Lee, MichelleLos Osos High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBusiness Administration
2011-2012Liu, IreneArcadia High SchoolUC BerkeleyPre-Business
2011-2012Tse, KrystalMark Keppel High SchoolUC San DiegoInternational Studies
2010-2011Fang, Pu FangDiamond Bar High SchoolCarnegie Mellon UniversityBiochemistry
2010-2011Kam, BryanMark Keppel High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaMechanical Engineering, Business Administration
2009-2010Hsiung, JosiahCovina High SchoolUniversity of PennsylvaniaUndeclared
2009-2010Quan, JanetAlhambra High SchoolUCLAUndeclared
2008-2009Dong, Grace Xianhui Claremont High SchoolUC BerkeleyEnglish
2008-2009Liu, VanessaMission San Jose High SchoolUC BerkeleyNutritional Sciences
2007-2008Lam, KatherineRamona Convent Secondary SchoolSwarthmore CollegePolitical Science
2007-2008Yu, Sze W.Arcadia High SchoolUC IrvineBusiness Economics
2006-2007Lee, Felix Yik YuTemple City High SchoolUCLAElectrical Engineering
2005-2006Ju, JenniferMark Keppel High School--
2005-2006Lau, DavidTroy High School--
2005-2006Saito, Renee FumiyoHoly Family High SchoolUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBiochemistry, Economics
2005-2006Tan, MatthewMark Keppel High SchoolUC BerkeleyElectrical Engineering
2004-2005Kwa, TimothyMark Keppel High SchoolCalifornia Institute of TechnologyAerospace Engineering
2004-2005Lam, Pou KeiMark Keppel High School--
2004-2005Lau, NathanaelSouth Pasadena High SchoolCalifornia Institute of TechnologyChemistry
2004-2005Liu, TerrySchurr High SchoolUC BerkeleyUndeclared
2003-2004Chan, Jasmine Hay ManSan Marino High School--
2003-2004Chu, Linda Wen ChiMark Keppel High School--


*  Winnie Ng Memorial Scholar

**  Vilma Chau Memorial Scholar